Hi, we are May-Liss and Finn Arne Kroken. A married couple, and we live in a small county called Malvik outside of Trondheim in Norway. We have beautiful hiking trails for the dogs right outside our doorstep, and a lot of space for them to explore and play. 

We got our first dog in 2007, a French Bulldog, but at the same time we had our eyes open for Griffon. We thought it was a wonderful breed. After some years we could finally bring home a beautiful Griffon Bruxellois girl from Kennel Bohemian Hapet in 2013. We fell in love with this charming breed, and today we have 2 Griffon Bruxellois, 1 Griffon Belge and 3 Petit Brabancon.

Health is very important for us, and we are following the guide lines from NKK for healthy breeding. 



If you want a puppy from us, please contact us by mail or phone.

Finn Arne: fak@naeringsbygg.no  Tff: 93202624

May Liss: mlkroken@gmail.com    Tlf: 93416690